Bible Dedications are wonderful ceremonies celebrating when God's Word has arrived and the community can access it!  In these days of e-publishing, it is no longer necessary to wait until the type-setting, printing, binding, and shipping are complete to celebrate that God's Word is available.  Don't get me wrong, the final printed Bible is a great thing and should be celebrated when it arrives.   But by leveraging technology for the fruit of the Kingdom, we can make Scripture and Scripture related content available much sooner.  And what about seekers who don't know that they need a Bible in their home?  While browinsing the internet, they may come across a website in their language, and there they find God's Word which is speaking to them.  They may find a video, whether locally made, or the Jesus Film dubbed in their language, which speaks to them in ways they never understood before.

We are working to create websites in local languages so Bible translators and others have a place to put any and all media materials relveant for their community.  They can promote the sites and peopl will have access to text, audio or videos in their language.  They can read Scripture, Bible Stories, Bible Studies, literacy materials, online.  Or they can download and print PDFs or leave them on their devices for later use.  Or they can listen or watch any of the above in audio or video format.  They can also download these to their laptops or phone for later use offline.  And so much more.  We believe that digital Scripture publication is not the alternative to print publication, rather it is the complement to it.  

Have a look below at some of the websites which we support.  Each website has it's own unique navigation languages, look in the top right for how to change the language.  These are just a few of the 100's we support.  For more info about how we support them, conact

Photo Credit: Marc Ewell

Sample Websites