Bible Translation

Why Bible Translation

Why Bible Translation?

The Bible is one of the oldest and most popular books of all time. But is it just a book, or is it much more?

We believe that the Bible is God’s Word to us — something that everyone should be able to understand in a language and form that clearly speaks to their hearts. At least 2,000 languages around the world are still waiting for a translation project to start.

When people finally get Scripture in their own language, lives often change in amazing ways. People are transformed as they discover Jesus Christ and enter into a right relationship with God.





Worldwide Status of Bible Translation:

  • More than 1,500 languages have access to the New Testament and some portions of Scripture in their language.
  • Almost 700 languages have the complete translated Bible.
  • At least 7,000 languages are spoken or signed around the world.
  • At least 1.5 billion people do not have the full Bible in their language — that’s more people than the entire continent of Africa!
  • Work is being done in more than 2,600 languages worldwide and over 2,100 of these projects involve Wycliffe Global Alliance partners.
  • At least 2,000 languages still need a Bible translation started.


How Does Bible Translation Work?

While the Bible translation process can look different for each language due to many factors, it is also similar in many ways as well.  The two videos below walk through a typical process and will help you understand the many steps involved in assuring an accurate translation of God's word.

The Road to Transformation

The Road to Transformation

How Bible Translation Works

How Bible Translation Works