Using Video to share the Gospel is a great way to engage people.  Having the videos speak to them in their language give more credit and understanding to the stories they are telling.  We are dubbing various videos into the languges that speaks people's hearts.   Videos can be shown at large events on a screen with a projector, or watched on a computer screen, phone, or tablet.  In areas with reliable internet they can be streamed from the websites we are creating, or they can be downloaded to bring to areas with lower connectivity.  We also distribute videos on Micro SD cards so people can share them on the mobile phones.  Often times we will split the videos into smaller, more digestible segments.  Here are some of the videos that we are producing in different languages.  The videos below are some of th eones we have dubbed and which we continue distribution of.



Book of Acts (English)

Acts of the Apostles

This video is taken word for word from the Book of Acts.  It is a great follow up for languages who already have the Jesus Film, which is based on Luke's Gospel.  Since Acts was written by Luke, this is often seen as part 2, and is great for discipleship.

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